Galart Team

Galart Folk’s aim is bridge to between cultures. Every year we are hosting different countries in our festivals. Festivals that focus on cultural or specifically ethnic topics also seek to inform members of their traditions and the involvement of community elders sharing stories and experience provides a means for unity among families. We have a big honour with meeting new friends. 

Since 2006; we were organizing 123 international folk festival. When we announced our festivals we said “ We are waiting all over the World to our festival”. We hosted nearly 23.500 folk friends from Macedonia, Serbia, T.R.N.C., Kabardin Balkaria, Czech Republic, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Republic of Ingushetia, Montenegro, Romania, Jordan, Latvia, Russia, Indonesia, Lithuania, Hungary, Mexico, India, Yakutia Republic, North Osetia, Sri Lanka ,Nepal,Ukraine,Argentina  etc. so all over the world in our 123 festivals.

“…As in your Dreams.”
Konak Mh. Yaz Sk. No:2/A Nilüfer-Bursa Turkey